An Ode To The Mercedes 300 SL: A Brilliant Old Bird

There have been many revered Mercedes Benz models over the carmaker’s long lifespan, but one that’s guaranteed to turn heads every time is the 300 SL. Yes, that’s the striking grand tourer with gullwing doors, and yes, you would steal the spotlight no matter where you go with that old beauty. Classic Mercedes prices can be on the high side, and this gasoline loving speed machine can cost over $4 million. For a drool inducingly gorgeous artifact of artistic automotive history, though, many classic car collectors are willing to pay the price.

History of the Mercedes 300 SL

When the 300 SL was first introduced in 1954, it immediately became the world’s fastest production car at 146 miles per hour. This was due in large part to the innovative direct fuel injection technology, something now used in almost every production car on the market, and its monstrous three liters naturally aspirated straight six.

More than power and speed, radical aesthetics and comfort made this car so coveted. Something about the style lines, elongated hood, short, aggressive stance, and, of course, the famed gullwing doors, made the 300 SL ooze desirability.


The daring old bird has taken flight yet again, and this time not as a seagull, but a phoenix. The new SLS AMG is a reincarnated 300 SL and it certainly has raised the stakes. Capable of 197 miles per hour, the SLS is a spitting image of its predecessor in many ways. The doors, hood, and aggressive styling are all there, yet some of SL’s magic mysteriously disappeared.

Mercedes Parts

If you own a classic Mercedes, you owe it to the car to take good care. One way to do this is by regularly washing and waxing the car to prevent the paint from fading and oxidizing. Another way to keep your weekend Mercedes running well is by maintaining and replacing any worn parts.

Mercedes prices for parts can be on the high side, especially if you’re the proud owner of a 300 SL, but you can find some great deals online. Used Mercedes Benz parts also used to be hard to come by, but that isn’t really the case anymore. If you need a hand keeping the old girl in good condition, we’d be happy to help. As specialists for used Mercedes parts, we provide the last word in service and value for automotive care. Visit our website or contact us to see for yourself.