5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mercedes Benz Original Parts

If you love your Mercedes Benz, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do: use aftermarket replacement parts. After investing top dollar to buy your Mercedes, it would be a great disservice to fit it with aftermarket parts when you need a replacement. For replacement parts, from oil filters, radiators, brake pads to suspensions, there’s only one way to go: buy Mercedes Benz original parts

Here’s why you should only buy genuine Mercedes parts every time you need replacement parts.

1. Mercedes OEM Parts Are Covered By a Limited Warranty

Mercedes dealer parts are protected by a limited warranty. If you buy a replacement part that malfunctions, you can have your dealer replace it at no extra cost. You cannot say the same about aftermarket parts. You don’t want to spend $1,000 on an alternator or radiator that fails as soon as you leave the garage. Even more consequential is the fact that using non-OEM parts can void your Benz’s warranty. If you used an aftermarket oil filter that didn’t clean the engine’s oil well, and over time it caused the engine to fail, then a dealer may not honor the warranty. This is because you used a non-OEM oil filter, and you may end up having to pay for the costs out of pocket. On the other hand, using Mercedes Benz original parts will keep your Mercedes under warranty.

2. Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts Keep Your Benz Performing Optimally

All Mercedes OEM parts are put through many quality check tests to ensure that they’re of top quality. After-market parts are not tested, so you’re second-guessing on quality when you buy one. In true adherence to Mercedes’s class and elegance, genuine Mercedes parts will keep your car performing optimally. You didn’t buy your Mercedes to experience mediocre performance, so keep your car in top shape by only using original replacement parts. If you do right by your Benz and use OEM parts for repair and replacements, your Mercedes can clock over 200,000 miles and remain in good shape. That’s what you get from a Mercedes: reliability and durability.

3. Genuine Mercedes Parts Protect the Safety of Your Benz

Mercedes is one of the safest luxury cars you can drive. From the brake pads to the high-tech intelligent drive systems, everything is made to order to ensure a safe driving experience. In doing so, manufacturers of Mercedes Benz, who are in 30 countries around the world, take exceptional care to test and certify the quality of all parts and accessories. This is one more reason why you should only buy OEM parts, especially those that can affect your car’s safety.

4. OEM Parts Save You Money in the Long-Term

Expect to pay more for genuine Mercedes parts, sometimes double the cost of the after-market parts. However, the upfront costs of buying original parts is nothing compared to the quality of service that you’ll enjoy. On the other hand, after-market parts will cost you more down the line despite purchasing them at a lower cost. Worse still, non-OEM parts may cause your car extra mechanical problems when they fail to function properly. Don’t get tempted to cut costs and go for the non-OEM parts, as they may cause you more problems in the future.

5. Genuine Mercedes Parts Are Long-Lasting

Since Mercedes OEM-parts undergo a series of quality checks, their performance is guaranteed. Genuine parts will serve you for a long time before you need to replace them again. Mostly, you will only have to replace parts because of the normal wear and tear, not because the quality is sub-standard. If you opt for the after-market parts, you may have to replace them sooner because they don’t live up to the high-quality standards required by a Mercedes.

Any time you need a replacement part for your Benz, buy Mercedes Benz original parts. Avoid the after-market parts because they’ll most likely add more problems to your Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz original parts will safeguard the overall quality of your Benz so you keep enjoying unmatched performance and luxury, which is what ownership of a Mercedes Benz is all about.