Does your Insurance Provider Cover genuine Mercedes Benz Parts Online?

If you just had an accident and your Mercedes Benz needs some parts replaced, chances are that your body shop will order Mercedes Benz parts online or from the manufacturer. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts fit better and give you the peace of mind that the parts on your vehicle are genuine. What’s more, if buying the parts online, you may just save on the cost. Research shows a trim piece that costs $5 to make could carry 5000% when sold at a retail counter. If the same piece is bought at an online store, the motorists pay a lower premium. However, if you’re filing an insurance claim, many insurance providers opt for aftermarket parts because they’re cheaper. As such, motorists shouldn’t assume the car insurance covers Mercedes OEM parts. We look at what OEM parts are and ways to ensure they are covered in an insurance claim.

What OEM Parts are and How they Compare to Parts

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer to mean parts manufactured by the same company that developed the vehicle. As such, MB's OEM parts are identical to the original part in form and function hence they’re just as reliable as genuine parts. The only difference is that they don’t have the manufacturer’s logo.

Genuine parts, on the other hand, are the auto components that were installed in the vehicle when it was first manufactured. They are more expensive because they have the company’s logo but function just as well as OEM parts. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are those manufactured to work with that vehicle, in this case, a Mercedes Benz. Companies making aftermarket parts buy the rights to make them.

By comparison, aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts. However, when buying replacement parts for high-end vehicles like the Mercedes Benz you want to order Mercedes Benz parts online. They are crafted with the same quality as the rest of the vehicle. Mercedes Benz company is known for designing parts from scratch, hence deemed more reliable than their counterparts.

How to Ensure Your Insurance Provider Covers OEM Parts

Here is what to do to ensure your OEM parts are insured.

Inquire before Signing an Insurance Contract

When shopping for a car insurance provider, be sure to ask if the company covers OEM Mercedes Benz parts online. While some providers cover OEM parts, it might not be standard policy. Sometimes you need to pay an extra fee to get genuine Mercedes Benz parts. Also, since it’s easier to obtain OEM parts for newer car models than older ones, the provider may be defiant about covering the cost if you have an older Mercedes Benz model. In such scenarios, aftermarket parts may be the only option.

Sign up for OEM Coverage

This is an additional cover to ensure aftermarket parts aren’t used when repairing your vehicle. The cover is particularly important for Mercedes Benz owners who are keen on using original parts. Suppose you’re driving on a highway and your vehicle collides with another car. If you’re ordering Mercedes Benz parts online the OEM endorsement ensures all the replacement parts are obtained from the car’s manufacturer. Note, getting original Mercedes Benz parts covered under this policy depends on several factors:

  • Your car is less than seven years old
  • You have signed up for a comprehensive cover only
  • The repair shop doesn’t use OEM parts but with the cover, it is compelled to use them
  • The repair shop uses OEM parts when aftermarket parts aren’t available but with this cover, it will prioritize new OEM products

Pay for the Difference Out-of-Pocket

If your insurance provider doesn’t offer an OEM endorsement, consider paying for the difference in price between genuine Mercedes Benz parts and non-OEM parts out-of-pocket. For example, if an OEM bumper costs $500 and a non-OEM bumper costs $300, the insurance company will pay the $300 and you pay the difference ($200.

Generally, OEM parts coverage isn’t a standard requirement for car insurance policies on Mercedes Benz of Miami. Providers insist on aftermarket parts wherever possible when processing your claim. However, the three options highlighted demonstrate you don’t have to use non-OEM parts on your Mercedes Benz.