Give Your Mercedes Benz Some Personality With These 5 Accessories

Mercedes Benz vehicles have always been synonymous with quality and class, from that very first petrol-powered car in 1886 to the Mercedes Benz we know and love today. If you’re fortunate enough to own one of these beautiful vehicles, you probably embrace the attention it can bring; after all, this is your Mercedes — it should look like it. If you’re interested in adding a dash of personality to your genuine Mercedes, here are a few Mercedes Benz parts and accessories that can help you make a statement while also keeping it in prime condition.

  • Rear and roof spoilers: These spoilers will give the vehicle a more refined, athletic look, subtly accentuating its natural curves. They’re not just for show, either; the aerodynamic design will actually reduce the amount of air resistance your vehicle experiences at higher speeds, ultimately reducing the amount of gas you use.


  • Alloy wheels: These rims aren’t just functional (they’re exceptionally light), they also provide a sleek and elegant accessory to the exterior of your car. People stop and stare at the sight of the three-pronged star on the hood, but spectators will be even more in awe that the style follows through the entire vehicle, from tip to toe.


  • Car cover: Mostly used for storage, Mercedes Benz car covers keep your vehicle safe from external elements. However, you can also think of these covers as the hat that magicians pull rabbits from; few things are as satisfying as unveiling your treasured car by tugging the cover off, especially if you have an audience. Mercedes Benz car covers come in a few colors as well, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your unique style.


  • All-season floor mats: They may sound mundane, but these mats are extremely practical and are perfectly contoured to your Mercedes Benz, creating a seamless look that works to keep even the smallest dirt and debris particles off of your car’s carpet.


  • Illuminated star: The three-pronged star draws eyes naturally, but its illumination will inspire even the most uptight jaws to drop. The ideal personal touch, lighting up the central star in your front grill is a subtle, sophisticated way to announce to the world that this is your Mercedes Benz.

With Benz accessories like these, you’ll have a vehicle that you’ll be proud to call your own. Of course, you have to be careful to work with reputable Mercedes Benz parts dealers. The last thing you want to do is put a knock-off part on your classic sports car.

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