How Often Should You Replace Oil Filters for a Mercedes Benz?

Apart from the Mercedes EQ vehicles, most other models, including the hybrid ones, have oil filters. Routine maintenance in the form of oil changes and oil filter replacement is critical to keep them in top condition. The debate about how often to replace oil filters for a Mercedes Benz has always been rife. Some people argue that it depends on the vehicle’s mileage, while others maintain it depends on the car’s age and the manufacturer’s requirements. The truth is it depends on a range of factors. As for Mercedes Benz cars, the oil filters must be changed after every oil change, which is usually performed every 7,500 miles. If the vehicle is using traditional oil, you must change them every 5.000 miles. Here are more insights about making oil changes and replacing oil filters for a Mercedes Benz.

How Oil Filters Work

An oil filter captures contaminants and prevents them from going to the engine. Without it, dirt, debris, and other particles flow to the engine assembly and damage the parts due to clogs. Oil filters also maintain a good flow of oil and manage waste. The filters can only absorb a certain amount of contaminants beyond which they get saturated. It is this saturation that creates the need to replace the Mercedes Benz oil filter.

When to Replace Oil Filters for a Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz vehicles don't use oil drain plugs or oil dipsticks; instead, they use a pre-programmed service to alert the owner every time the vehicle needs an oil change. You may receive an alert after a 10,000-15,000 mileage depending on the model of the vehicle. If living in extremely hot areas, this mileage may be too long -- the ideal time to replace oil filters for Mercedes Benz and an oil change is after every 7,500 miles. Also, if your vehicle uses supercharged or stressed turbocharged engines, reduce the mileage to 5,000 miles. And if driving in extremely harsh weather conditions, schedule more service stops. Since the engine works harder, an oil change interval may lean toward 3,000-5,000 miles. The manufacturer’s manual lists severe driving conditions like frequent short trips of less than 10 miles, track driving, and driving on salty or uneven terrains.

Changing Oil and Oil Filters for a Mercedes Benz

Whether you’re servicing the vehicle at a dealership or auto shop, the oil filters and engine oil must be replaced together. This is because draining the old oil is a waste if it’s flowing in a used filter. The filter change also involves lubricating the chassis and grease fittings which are access points for feeding the lubricants into the mechanical system. And unlike regular vehicles, the Mercedes Benz requires special care during oil changes. First, the correct oil must be used -- otherwise you risk damaging the oil filters and engine parts. According to the German manufacturer, Mercedes Benz models built after 1998 must use Mobil full synthetic 0W/40. If you have an older model, mineral-based oil is more suitable. This standard primarily applies to people living in hot climates where mineral-based oil is likely to break down after a mere 500 mileage. The right oil also ensures internal engine components like lifters remain clean and cool. Pro Tip: keep away from general auto shops and visit authorized Mercedes Benz facilities only.

You must also ensure the professionals use the right oil filter for your vehicle. Mercedes Benz filters are usually made of fleece material to withstand heat and pressure. You should avoid using paper filters found in general auto shops because they break down easily and clog the engine oiling system. The O-rings should also be replaced. Depending on your Mercedes Benz model, your car may have 3-5 O-rings as part of the filter assembly.

Regardless of the Mercedes Benz model you’re driving, you should keep it in tip-top shape. Mercedes Benz oil filters are an important part of the vehicle’s engine system, and regular maintenance is critical to extending your vehicle’s life. If still in doubt about how often you should replace oil filters for a Mercedes Benz, consult your dealer. They will review your vehicle’s needs factoring in other circumstances that may cause more frequent replacement.