Keep Your Mercedes Benz Happy and Healthy with These 6 Tips

Most people love their cars. In 2017, more than 337,000 Mercedes-Benz cars were sold in the United States. That was the most cars of this type sold in one year since the car was created. If you have purchased a genuine Mercedes car, you want to do everything you can to keep it running.

6 Tips to Keep Your Genuine Mercedes Benz Happy and Healthy

  1. A clean car is a happy car. This may not seem like it but the paint job on any car is its first line of defense. The best way to keep the paint job looking good and in great condition is to wash your car often. Keeping it free of dirt, road chemicals, debris and bird droppings is a great way to protect the paint job and the vehicle. This is especially true if you live in a climate where salt and other deicers are used on the streets. Regular cleaning will keep your Mercedes Benz looking and running great. Rinse off any salt that may get on your car after a snow storm.
  2. Check your fluid levels often. You should check the coolant, oil and window washing fluids every week. Your power steering, transmission and brake fluids should be checked at least once a month. Make sure you use the kinds of fluids that ware recommended by the Mercedes dealerships. When you check the oil, make sure the engine has been off for at least five minutes if the engine is at the normal temperature. If it is above that normal temperature, make sure it has bee turned off for 30 minutes or more. This ensures the engine is at the right temperature and that all of the oil has returned to the reservoir. When you check any of the liquid levels, you should make sure that the car is on a level surface.
  3. Pay attention to your car. When you are driving your genuine Mercedes Benz, pay attention to any strange noises, smells or grinding. Sometimes different weather will impact the way a car operates so hearing a squeaking when you brake may not be a cause for alarm. If you notice it all the time or feel that the braking is not the same as it has been, have that checked. Whenever you notice new or strange sounds coming from the engine or any other part of the car, take it in to be checked.
  4. Watch your tires. Make sure your cars’ tires are always filled to the correct setting. You should rotate your tires every six months or so to ensure proper handling and to prevent them from wearing unevenly. Inspect them when you check your liquid levels for any damage and pay attention when the tire light on your dashboard comes on. Sometimes changes in the outside temperature can change the inflation of your tires but if you notice that light is going on more frequently, that can indicate a slow leak in one of your tires.
  5. Get regular tune ups. Regular tune ups can extend the life of your car and improve the gas mileage. Keep your Mercedes service schedule from the owners manual in mind and stay on schedule. This is one of the best ways you can keep your genuine Mercedes Benz operating at its optimum performance level.
  6.  Keep your car indoors. If it is at all possible, protect your car from the elements by keeping it inside a garage. This will keep it safe from rain, hail and other weather damage that it can suffer when it is parked out on the street. You can also buy a cover for your car if you do not have access to a garage.

Most people who own a genuine Mercedes Benz enjoy their cars for a long time. Proper care and maintenance of their cars can keep them running for years. These cars are very well built and it is hard to find a better quality vehicle. It can take a little extra maintenance on your part but will be worth it when you have years of enjoyment from your car.