Mercedes Benz E-Class Undergoes Environmental Assessments

As one of the elite European automobile manufacturers, Mercedes Benz has continually been at the forefront of developing new technology and increasing efficiency. Part of that includes a commitment in undergoing Environmental Assessments. While European standards differ somewhat from those in the United States when it comes to protecting the environment, the company has done everything within its power to make their cars conform to government standards on both continents.

Mercedes’ Commitment to the Environment

With fuel consumption and vehicle emissions being two of the most important factors when it comes to environmental concerns, Mercedes Benz has achieved many of their goals with their new Mercedes Benz E-Class line up. One of MB’s most stylish luxury vehicles, the E-Class offers both top performance and environmental benefits. The 2017 model has received the highest ratings possible in both emissions and fuel efficiency. For the efforts, Mercedes Benz has been awarded an environmental certificate. This means that the care both meets and exceeds the environmental standards for vehicles in its size and class.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

The new E-Class is able to offer these environmental benefits due to the newly designed 4-cylinder engine, the nine-stage automatic transmission, decreased weight and unique, aerodynamic features. Its fuel usage operates on an as needed basis, limiting the amount of fuel wasted. When it comes to emissions, the new E-Class produces approximately 15 tons of emissions from the time the first pieces are assembled at the manufacturing plant to the time it is disassembled during recycling and recovery. This is 19 tons less than the E-Class models before it.

With many Mercedes Benz models lasting several years and being driven upwards of 250,000 miles each, these are astounding numbers when compared to other makes and models of cars. Mercedes Benz is once again leading the pack when it comes to vehicles that are both environmentally sound and luxuriously stylish.