Mercedes Benz Maintenance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Although Mercedes Benz cars are now more popular than ever — the brand achieved its highest sale volumes in its history in 2013 with 312,534 units sold — there are still a lot of misconceptions about owning this type of vehicle. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a Mercedes or you wonder if you’re being too cautious with your Mercedes, you may want to read today’s post. We’ll be discussing (and debunking) a few prominent myths pertaining to the maintenance of these automobile

MYTH: You can take your Mercedes to any auto technician.

Fact: Some independent repair shops may claim that they can work on any make and model of vehicle. But your Mercedes requires and deserves specialized attention. For run-of-the-mill services, this might be fine. But for more complex issues, you shouldn’t blindly trust just any repair shop. It’s best to bring your car to Mercedes dealerships or shops that specialize in maintaining these kinds of cars. Otherwise, you could risk having to pay more in the long run due to improper technique.

MYTH: Having repairs done could void your warranty.

Fact: This isn’t so much a myth as it is a concept that isn’t completely true. If you have repairs done incorrectly, this could void your warranty. But if the repairs are performed to Mercedes Benz standards and everything is well-documented, you shouldn’t have any problems. Essentially, that simply means you shouldn’t bring your car to a friend who dabbles as a mechanic on the side or to a repair shop that isn’t reputable. To avoid that situation entirely, you should always bring your car to a Mercedes shop for repairs.

MYTH: Having a Mercedes is too expensive to maintain.

Fact: While it’s true that these cars come with a higher price tag and that replacement part prices may be a bit steeper, those are considerations you’ll already know going in. But a Mercedes won’t necessarily require more care than any other kind of car, particularly if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Trying to cut corners on maintenance costs will likely add up to much more in the long term. If you’ve already made the decision to invest in a Mercedes, don’t be dissuaded by the potential costs and frequency of maintenance. So long as you treat it with care, your vehicle shouldn’t be riddled with expensive issues.

The moral of the story? As long as you seek out legitimate Mercedes dealerships for maintenance, you shouldn’t run into any trouble — or have any reason to believe these myths. If you’re looking for one of the finest Mercedes dealerships around, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.