Mercedes Models More User-Friendly Than Ever Before

When the Mercedes Benz 300 SL first emerged on the scene in 1954, it made records by being the fasted production car in the world. Even then, the revolutionary model could reach speeds of up to 146 miles per hour!

Now, the Mercedes brand is making a name for itself in an entirely new way: by being among the most stylish -- and user-friendly -- options out there. Here is a breakdown of some of Mercedes' most recent upgrades.

Mercedes' Very Own Voice Control

Get ready to add "Hey, Mercedes" to your regularly used lexicon of voice commands. Many Americans have been conducting voice searches or beginning tasks with "Hey, Siri" and "Hey, Alexa" for months or even years. Now it is possible to activate voice control and perform many of your Mercedes' main functions using just your voice. Use voice control to start navigation or to adjust the temperature inside your vehicle to your liking. Plus, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is much more intuitive than most voice assistants, like Alexa, and learns over time. For example, if you say "I'm cold," MBUX will automatically adjust the temperature. It also logs the most frequently used temperate settings and will make the average your default going forward.

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Face- And Eye-Tracking Cameras

This new feature may sound a little eery, like something out of a sci-fi film. In reality, though, the face- and eye-tracking cameras are there to give you the best possible user experience and to keep you safe whenever you are inside the vehicle. First, the face- and eye-tracking cameras help identify you. That means the MBUX system will adjust the interior to your preferred temperature, bring up recently played and most played playlists, and tailor your overall experience based on your history and most commonly selected options.

That's not all, however! If you need more compelling reasons to find Mercedes Benz parts near me, know that the cameras will also anticipate your next move. "My MBUX will be able to intuit what you might want to do: rather than having to select which side-mirror to adjust before you change the angle, for example, you could merely look at the mirror and twiddle the directional pad," Slash Gear writes. If you look behind you, My MBUX opens the rear blind to increase your field of view.

These sensors add an additional layer of safety to your Mercedes as well. For example, down the line, Mercedes plans to optimize these cameras to warn you of potential collisions. If you touch the door handle with a car nearby that may cause an accident, the system will light up and alert you of possible danger.

Touch Pad, Touch Screen, and Touch Buttons

Just a few years from now, nearly all Mercedes Benz original parts related to screens and consoles will be touch-based. The new, touch-activated technology will be threefold with a touchpad on the center console, touch buttons on the steering wheel, and a touch screen. The touch parts include gesture control, enabling drivers to navigate systems by pointing or waving. The touch buttons on the wheel encourage drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times, and all touch-activated features aim to provide fewer distractions and keep drivers' eyes on the road.

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