Movie Marketing: Famous Mercedes Benz Appearances In Pop Culture

Think of the last time you saw a high-fueled action movie: the heroes often find themselves in car chases, fast-paced fight scenes, and firefights. Chances are, genuine Mercedes Benz cars made an appearance at some point throughout the action-packed plot of your favorite film franchise.


There’s a reason for this: the vehicles are notoriously classy, expensive, and are capable of keeping up with a number of guns blazing scenarios. Let’s jog your memory a little bit.


  • The Hangover: Our soon-to-be regrettably adventurous gang embarks on their Las Vegas journey in a 1965 Mercedes Benz 220SE. Some articles consider the vintage vehicle to be as much as a star of the movie as Bradley Cooper, and we’re inclined to agree with them.


  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Though we didn’t expect Shia LaBeouf to be driving the Decepticon Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, his (in the movie) supermodel girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks like a perfect fit for the sleek and stylized car.


  • The Transporter: Jason Statham has always been a badass, but we cringed a little bit when he takes the Mercedes-Benz W140 from the bad guys by force, smashing it through the garage door in an attempt to make a quick escape — and as much of a mess as possible.


  • Spaceballs: Okay, so a Mercedes Benz wasn’t actually used in Mel Brooks’ ripoff of Star Wars, but when Barf (knockoff Chewbacca) shouts “barf!”, the robot exclaims “not in here, mister, this is a Mercedes!” We definitely still think that counts.


As entertaining (and sidesplitting) as these movies may be, they are still movies. Personal ownership of your Mercedes will — and should — lack a significant amount of the risks involved in those hard-hitting chase and action scenes.


For starters, you have to keep that baby clean: consistent romps through the desert and high-speed chases can oxidize and damage your paint job, and that’s the least of your worries! If you’re regularly engaging in gun fights (which we don’t recommend), you may find yourself heading to the nearest Mercedes Benz parts center to stock up on a plethora of products. Instead, skip the trip to the Mercedes Benz parts center entirely by, maybe, avoiding crashing through garage doors.