All-Season Care Tips for Your Mercedes

You love your Mercedes, right? We hope so. Cars are beautiful, resilient things that take daily abuse from the road, the elements, and sometimes us. Regardless of where you’re driving, your car is constantly and efficiently doing serious work for you.

If you don’t show it the respect and care it’s due, it won’t be in good working order for as long as you’d like. Your Mercedes is (and was) a serious investment. We’ve got some ways for you to regularly take care of it so it’ll be around as long as possible.

Wash Thoroughly

Mercedes Benz cars are tough, but they’re not invincible. Throughout your time driving it, you should wash and wax it regularly. Waxing will protect the paint, but particular attention should be paid to the undercarriage. It’s an often neglected or skimmed over part of the car wash process, but the most important to keep well cleaned. It’s the closest to the road and collects everythingyou drive over. Rain, dirt, snow, slush, salt, everything. If it stays there, you’ll find yourself perusing Mercedes parts sooner than usually needed. Plus, you want to keep you Mercedes dazzling, right?

Garage It

Just because it’s washed and waxed doesn’t mean it’s fully protected. Yes, that’s good for it, but anything perpetually left out in the elements will eventually deteriorate. Your Mercedes is no exception! Having a designated garage space is key to its longevity. Think of washing and waxing as an armored knight behind the garage shield. Both work independently, but together they fully protect.

Meticulous Upkeep

Keeping your Mercedes Benz in tip-top shape requires close attention to the owner’s manual and heeding the advice it gives. Physical appearance and care are easier to keep track of. The engine and everything with it is the soul of the vehicle. Keep track of mileage, tire rotations, oil, proper gasoline standards, and everything that makes it zoom! A Benz service check-up will identify anything potentially problematic that you can’t see.

We know you care about your car, but you’re not a Mercedes shop. If you’re not sure how to take care of your Mercedes or have something that’s beyond your scope to deal with, talk to the pros. They’ll help you out and keep your Benz beautiful.