StarParts: Mercedes Benz Finally Releases Replacement Parts Line

Owning a high-end vehicle (like a genuine Mercedes) is often a double-edged sword. You get the luxury of an extremely high-quality product, complete with any and all amenities you could possibly need, not to mention the thrill that shoots through your body when you soar down the open road.

However, (as the adage goes) with all that power comes responsibility; caring for and maintaining your expensive toy requires strict adherence to the owner’s manual to ensure it remains in top condition, and, in the event that something unexpected occurs, you need to be able to fork over a lot of cash to find the unique Mercedes Benz parts needed for repair.

Fortunately, those drawbacks have just become a lot more manageable with Mercedes Benz’ launch of StarParts, an all-new Mercedes Benz replacement parts line manufactured and designed by the company for vehicles five years and older. StarParts prevents car owners from seeking out alternative, potentially dangerous, options if they’re in need of Mercedes parts. Since they’re designed by Mercedes Benz themselves, they are built for high functionality and fit accuracy, and meet strict quality and safety requirements that far exceed standard legal guidelines.

The line offers common service parts including brake pads, rotors, cabin filters, spark plugs, wiper blades and more. Finding Mercedes Benz replacement parts used to be a ridiculous hassle, with competition and limited availability driving prices through the roof for both car owners and car dealerships. Now, consumers can rest easy knowing that they’re getting quality, thoroughly safe and vetted replacement parts at exceedingly fair prices.

This launch is good for dealerships, too, as Christian Treiber, vice president of customer service at Mercedes-Benz USA, explains.

“There’s no denying the high quality, precise fit, and value of Genuine Mercedes Benz replacement parts. However, dealerships and independent repair shops will no longer find themselves in a competitive dilemma when sourcing common replacement parts for our older models. Shop owners can now provide their customers with quality options designed and guaranteed by Mercedes Benz and offered at a friendly price, enhancing margins and ultimately helping to grow shop profits.”