The Mentality That Drives Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a German auto manufacturer who is well known for its extremely high standards when it comes to both quality and workmanship. The mentality behind the manufacturing process is one of strict control and exact precision. There is no room for error and standards must be reached or exceeded at all costs, with no exceptions. This “zero tolerance for error” policy has made Mercedes Benz one of the best made vehicles in the world.


Mercedes Benz management requires that every employee hired by the company have the same mentality and dedication to quality as they do. Parts are designed and manufactured to exact specifications. Replacement parts that are made by the companies who were responsible for the parts first used in the vehicle must also maintain this level of precision. This is part of the reason that after market parts made by other manufacturers rarely make the cut when compared to the original equipment used to build the car.


Quality isn’t just an adjective used to describe Mercedes Benz. It is a proven fact. Mercedes Benz plants across the globe have received many awards for, not only the quality of their automobiles, but also for their manufacturing processes and the teamwork used to create such satisfying results.  J.D. Power and Associates recognized plants in Bremen, Germany and East London, South Africa for their dedication to quality, both in final product and in employee ratings.


Since the company’s inception, the superiority of its vehicles has been well known. When compared to both American made vehicles and those made in Japan, Mercedes Benz has proven itself to be superior in many aspects. With Mercedes Benz, their superiority comes from dedication to detail and exacting precision. The company relies on its workforce to maintain that level of superiority and quality and works extremely hard to make sure its employees know their value.