Three Tips to Remember When Shopping For Mercedes OEM Parts

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are manufactured in 30 countries all around the world. With such a wide reach and long history as a quality car brand, there are bound to be a variety of aftermarket parts available for even their newer models. Finding genuine OEM parts can sometimes be a challenge but the quality they provide is worth the extra time spent in research. Here are three things to remember when shopping for Mercedes OEM parts.

Work With an Authorized Dealer

One of the best ways to ensure you're using genuine Mercedes OEM parts is to work with an authorized dealer right from the start. This way, you ensure that you're getting genuine parts from a reputable source. Starting off this way lowers the chances of being sold mislabeled aftermarket parts

Make Sure The Parts Are Marked

Genuine Mercedes OEM parts will be marked as such. Make sure that any parts you have replaced have this kind of identification somewhere on them. Finding the marking on each piece confirms it as genuine in the vast majority of cases, so make a habit of looking for it whenever you need to replace parts.

Ask For Your Old Parts Back

One way to check that you have genuine OEM parts in your Mercedes is to ask to be given your old parts back after they've been changed out. This ensures that the parts have been changed, and a quick check for the marking can confirm that the new parts are OEM parts.

The Bottom Line

When shopping for Mercedes OEM parts, the main thing to remember is to take your time and verify that the source you're considering buying from is legitimate. Doing this right out of the gate will save you a lot of headaches down the road. If you're at all unsure of the parts, look for an identifying mark on them labeling them as genuine OEM parts. If you're at all unsure of the source or dealer you've decided to go with, ask to be given the old parts back once the new ones have been installed.

It's also good to remember that older model Mercedes vehicles may not have OEM parts available anymore. If this is the case, the aftermarket options will probably be your next best option aside from individual sellers.