Tips To Keep Your Vintage Mercedes Looking (And Driving) Like New

Summer is here, which means you’ll probably start seeing more vintage cars on the road very soon. But if your Mercedes isn’t looking or feeling quite as nice as it once did, now’s the time to get it into tip-top shape. With proper care and by replacing worn-out equipment with Mercedes Benz spare parts, you’ll bring your baby back to its former glory. To get the most out of your vintage car, be sure to follow these maintenance tips.

  • Wash and wax Part of making your car look its best is making sure it shines brilliantly. That means you’ll need to give it a good wash and wax on the regular. This will keep your car looking its best and will ensure the finish lasts. Steer clear of cheap, generic brands with your wax and don’t use regular household detergents to wash it. Instead, use car shampoo and reputable name brand waxes. Be sure to use lint-free towels, too. If you still notice your car looks dull after washing, run a clean, dry hand along the surface. If it doesn’t feel smooth like glass, your finish probably has contaminants bonded to it. In these cases, you may need to take it to a professional.
  • Polish the chrome Mercedes often contain a lot of chrome, like on your bumper or trim. Like waxing and washing the exterior, polishing the chrome makes the car gleam and protects it from damage. Rust and pitting will negatively impact the look of your car and its resale value. Many original Mercedes parts just need a good polish to look brand new again (although others may need to be replaced). You’ll need to first remove any dirt with water and a soft-bristled brush. Should you find rust, many car enthusiasts swear by aluminum foil and cola. After you’ve cleaned the chrome off, you’ll want to use polish or wax to protect it further.
  • Don’t forget the seats Although the first thing people will notice will be the exterior of your car, the interior matters just as much. While your Mercedes seats may feel like leather, they’re very likely made of vinyl. That means that leather-care products are essentially useless and may even be damaging. Instead, use vinyl protection products and a soft brush to clean off your seats. And if you find any damage, get them repaired by a professional before it gets worse.
  • Upgrade the parts Some car owners are dead-set against using more modern Mercedes Benz replacement parts in their vintage vehicles. But these days, there are brand new Mercedes Benz spare parts being made using modern technology that won’t compromise the integrity of the vehicle. The only difference you’ll notice is that your car will drive a lot better and you won’t require maintenance as often. You can upgrade all sorts of things, including your interior lighting, windshield wiper blades, and fuel pump controller. If you want to actually enjoy driving your vehicle during the summer, rather than worrying about it breaking down, upgrading to more modern Mercedes Benz spare parts can be extremely advantageous.

When vintage Mercedes parts don’t function the way they used to, it can compromise the value of your car. By following these classic car care tips, your vehicle may end up looking and feeling even better than when you originally purchased it!