Why You Should Buy Mercedes Benz Oil Filters From Genuine Dealers

Before you get tempted to buy an aftermarket oil filter for your Mercedes Benz, think about how much you invested in your car. Is it worth it to risk the health of your Mercedes engine to save a few bucks on oil filters? Certainly not. You should treat your Mercedes the same way it treats you -- with class and elegance -- by buying genuine Mercedes Benz oil filters and other parts. Here’s why you should buy original Mercedes Benz oil filters from genuine dealers.

Maintain the Health of Your Engine

An oil filter may look like a small part, but it plays a big role in your Mercedes Benz engine. Genuine oil filters should filter 100% of the oil before it gets to your engine. Oil filters catch and prevent impurities such as dust, dirt, and metal fragments from getting into your engine. Many aftermarket oil filters are not made-to-order and will not fit the housing precisely nor filter the oil completely. Others may block oil from getting into the engine, instead of passing clean oil to the engine. Continuous use of a poor oil filter will put your engine at risk and may attract more expensive repairs in the future. That’s why you should only buy oil filters for Mercedes Benz from a dealer licensed by Mercedes.

Purchase High-Quality Oil Filters

While aftermarket oil filters are mostly made from paper, Mercedes Benz oil filters are made from a high-quality pleated fleece material. Therefore, they not only filter your oil better but also last for longer. The genuine Mercedes filters are reinforced on the sides to ensure that they fit precisely and don’t twist under high performance. How the oil filter fits into the housing is important. It shouldn’t leave even the smallest space, because this will lead to unfiltered oil getting into the engine. Sometimes aftermarket oil filters may look identical to the original Mercedes oil filters, but a closer look will show you the difference. That’s why buying genuine Mercedes Benz oil filters will save you a lot of hassle. The good thing is that you can find Mercedes Benz parts online, without having to jump from shop to shop looking for oil filters or any other parts.

Boost the Performance of Your Engine

When the engine of your Mercedes is maintained perfectly, it will give you optimal performance for a longer time. Genuine Mercedes oil filters will offer you a longer service life before they get clogged and demand replacements. This will save you from extensive engine repairs that take loads of time and eat into your wallet. When your engine is performing at peak capacity, you’ll enjoy the full power of a Mercedes Benz even when you push it to the limits. As such, you must get the best quality of Mercedes Benz oil filters from a dealer certified by Mercedes.

Overall, genuine Mercedes parts are made to precision and are of the highest quality you can find. These are among the reasons that people around the world treasure the Mercedes Benz brand. In 2019 the brand value of Mercedes was valued at $23.36 billion. When you need to buy genuine Mercedes Benz parts, you should trust a reputable dealer to get the best quality from OEM.

Whether you need oil filters, air filters, radiators, suspensions, brake pads, spark plugs, or any other parts, you can get them online from a certified Mercedes dealer. You don’t want to buy poor quality oil filters or any other Mercedes parts, as they may cost you a lot of money during repairs.